Acoustics + Vibration


Extensive design experience to help you craft vibrant, productive, healthful soundscapes

Architectural Acoustics

Auxia Design delivers comprehensive acoustic solutions that support and respect the architectural intention of every space we design. We pride ourselves on addressing all aspects of the acoustic environment that impact building occupants. This includes selecting the right shaping and finishes for feature spaces like atria and auditoriums, but it also means making sure you can’t hear unwanted noise in a 3rd floor office.

Noise Control

A well-designed soundscape can provide purpose and place, but unwanted noise can cause stress and have a negative impact on occupant health and well-being. Noise can also disrupt learning, collaboration, and communication. Likewise, noise can impact sensitive building uses such as media production, audio capture, conferencing, scientific research, vivariums, and specialty manufacturing.

Environmental Noise

The impact of sound does not stop at a building’s envelope. Design teams must consider how environmental noise will impact building occupants, particularly for projects located near roadways, railways, airports, and industrial facilities. Likewise, stakeholders must consider zoning requirements and how noise generated by their facility will impact the surrounding environment.

Vibration Control

Unwanted structural vibration can have a negative impact on building occupants and sensitive building applications, like medical imaging, research facilities, vivaria, and specialty manufacturing processes. These problematic vibrations can arise from land uses and infrastructure outside the facility or from the activities of building occupants. 

Modeling & Auralization

State-of-the-art modeling and auralization technology allows our firm to illustrate complex acoustic considerations, such as sound propagation and environmental noise. These tools allow stakeholders to see and hear the impact of acoustic design options prior to construction.

Compliance & Commissioning

Governing bodies, Institutions, and building certification programs often require compliance with complex acoustic regulations and criteria. Our firm helps facility owners, design teams, and contractors understand the impact of these requirements, plan for appropriate acoustic treatments, and demonstrate compliance in the field. 

Noise & Vibration Monitoring

Auxia Design helps stakeholders plan, execute, manage, and interpret complex noise and vibration monitoring programs. Our firm has the expertise to establish goals for monitoring programs, develop deployment and maintenance plans, and most importantly, interpret and react to the information that’s collected.


We are committed to helping stakeholders create buildings that consider the social and environmental impact that buildings have on their occupants, the community, and the world at large. This includes designing with sustainable acoustic products and providing support for acoustic credits presented by LEED, WELL, Green Globes, and other programs. 

Sound Masking

A properly implemented sound masking system can improve productivity, wellness, privacy, and occupant satisfaction. These systems can be particularly effective in offices, healthcare facilities, museums, and libraries. To ensure a successful deployment, Auxia Design helps stakeholders develop customized performance criteria based on each facility's unique needs and acoustic environments. We then oversee the sound masking system's installation, tuning, and commissioning.