Modeling & Auralization

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Acoustics + Vibration

Tools to Hear and Visualize Acoustic Design

Auxia Design leverages state-of-the-art modeling and auralization tools to illustrate complex acoustic considerations, inform decision-making, optimize solutions, and demonstrate compliance with project requirements.

Despite being an innate experience, exposure to sound is subjective, contextual, and often difficult to articulate.

Acoustic models generate detailed 3D mappings of sound propagation and other acoustic criteria. These visual tools provide stakeholders with a deeper understanding of complex acoustic issues and allow them to perform a more informed cost/benefit analysis prior to construction. Modeling also offers additional assurance that project criteria will be achieved in the field.

Auralization expands on visual mapping and allows stakeholders to hear audio simulations of the acoustic environment through calibrated loudspeakers or headphones. 

Modeling and auralization are particularly useful to:

  • Simulate room acoustics, sound isolation, and noise impacts

  • Assess and demonstrate compliance with regulations, such as environmental noise codes

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