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About Us

At Auxia Design, we seek to match our clients' passion for inspired design and dynamic collaboration.


Creating healthy inspiring spaces for people to live, work, and gather

That’s a lofty goal with no finish line, but we pursue it through a dedication to our clients, a passion for design, and a commitment to our teams.


We have an intrinsic understanding that our only possible business strategies are to do great work, serve our clients, and contribute to projects that make the world a better place. We seek to develop ongoing, dynamic relationships with our partners based on a history of mutual trust and successful pursuits. Our success lies with our clients realizing their visions, not our next sale.

We maintain an unrelenting focus on each project’s unique purpose and aspirations – from concept to completion and beyond.

We seek to create an environment where our team members can leverage their individual talents and passions to find ongoing success and fulfillment in their careers. We can only pursue our mission by connecting our clients with positive and driven team members who are fulfilled and inspired by their work and who truly share our client’s passion for great design.

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Meet Our Team

Principal, Founder


Over my career, I’ve had the great fortune of working with incredible design partners on a broad range of acoustic assignments across the country. This includes everything from a single room to state-of-the-art media production facilities, multi-use complexes, sports venues, manufacturing plants, performance venues, laboratories, and hospitals. Along the way, I’ve been able to explore how acoustic design can be addressed and conveyed to stakeholders in better ways through acoustic measurement, modeling, and auralization.


  • Board Certified by the Institute of Noise Control Engineering
  • Co-Chair of the INCE Building Acoustics Technical Activities Committee
Greg's Bio & Credentials

An architectural masterpiece with a noise problem is like a Ferrari with a flat tire.

My Story and Design Philosophy

Throughout my career, I have sought to create acoustic environments that match the incredible aspirations that architects and building owners have for the facilities that they create and maintain. I’m forever in awe of the way that a beautifully and meticulously designed space can immediately transform your sense of space, express function, and convey meaning. To me, this careful balance of light, form, space, color, and tactility demands an aural environment that serves the same vision. It’s my firm belief that an acoustic design cannot be successful if it does not respect and complement a project’s underlying design goals.

At the same time, the engineer in me has been taking things apart and building anything that pops into my head for as long as I can remember. I’ve always been keenly interested in the ever-evolving ways that buildings are constructed, used, and reused. To this end, I’ve developed an endless fascination with the constructability, logistics, and sustainability surrounding nearly every aspect of the building industry, but especially the acoustic designs that I pursue.

Finally, somewhere along the way, I developed a passion for how specialty consulting services are managed and delivered to the AEC community, along with sincere passion for inspiring, mentoring, serving, and leading other designers.

I founded Auxia Design to explore new and innovative ways to deliver specialty consulting services to the AEC industry and to connect our clients with passionate, inspired designers who are every bit as excited about their projects as our clients are; designers who seek to collaborate, engage, and create amazing spaces.

Eloise McClaine


Director of Business Development & Marketing



  • Certified Professional Services Marketer

Nick Shirley


Senior Acoustical Consultant



  • Institute of Noise Control Engineering Member
  • Acoustical Society of America Associate Member



Auxia Design is a registered Small Business in Pennsylvania